Since 2020, when Discovery opened its doors to Small and Medium Enterprises, sustainability has been at the core of our business. Upholding its vision and objectives through resilient, ethical value creation that benefits both society and the environment is the aim of our sustainability plan. This allows us to work in situations that are both profitable and environmentally friendly. We ensure that risks are managed and that our contributions to society and the environment are fair.


Our ultimate goal is to provide your services to our clients that will make impact to the economy. It is felt through the products, services and initiatives that we provide our customers. Sustainable finance is essential for assisting Small and Medium-sized firms in growing and expanding their current operations.


A company's capacity to develop a culture of honesty, accountability, and sound corporate governance is essential. This is clear from the corporate rules and procedures that are already in place, which are created and overseen by the company's Board of Directors, Management Committee, Senior and Key Officers.


The primary objective of the organization is to integrate social responsibility into its daily activities. We motivate our team members, business associates, and the community to maximize our social influence. This is demonstrated by the company's efforts in human capital development and corporate social responsibility toward the community.