• What is Discovery Loan Advisor Program?

    Discovery Loan Program is a facility where the company finds qualified Loan Advisors who can solicit accounts from Small and Medium Enterprises. They will assist the organization in obtaining all documentary needs and informing clients of the approved business loans.

  • What is the process for becoming a certified loan advisor?

    Becoming a certified Loan Advisor is a simple process. Simply complete out the application form and send it to, or come to our BGC office. Once completed, our Sales Department will contact you by phone or text message to schedule your sales briefing.

  • How long does the sales briefing session last?

    The sales briefing will last approximately 2 to 3 hours. During this session, they will go over the necessary documentary requirements, a list of qualified companies, the loan approval and renewal process, and the loan advisor commission.

  • What are the costs of accreditation?

    The loan advisor accreditation is completely free. There is no cost to attend the sales briefing session.

  • Is my contract as a Loan Advisor with Discovery exclusive?

    No. To maximize your potential income, you can refer additional clients to different financing companies. The contract with Discovery is not exclusive.

  • How long does the validity of my accreditation last?

    Your accreditation is valid for up to one year. You can renew at any time after attending the refresher course to stay up to date on the current sales policies and practices.

  • Can my Discovery Loan Advisor accreditation be terminated?

    In general, no. However, if you breach specific laws and do fraudulent acts, such as preparing and processing forged/ fake documents, your accreditation will be promptly canceled.

  • Can I refer a customer if I am not an accredited loan advisor?

    No. To ensure the quality and consistency of account screening, each loan advisor should attend the sales briefing prior to soliciting new clients.