• • Our Mission is to invest in the global minded generation so that they are empowered in their financial future

  • • We do our best to provide wide variety of credit facilities that would help to provide strong and sustainable community.

  • • We offer quality service to small companies that are seeking financial requirements.

  • • We provide fair and affordable credit facilities to company employees to relieve them from financial trouble.


  • • Our Vision is to be the premier credit institution in the lending industry, offering multi-channel, multi-platform and easy access to micro-credit and financial facility to our captured market.

  • • We aim to democratize the financial credit markets where access is borderless and easy.

  • • We aim to be included in the Top 5 trusted and leading Lending Companies in the Philippines that would help start-up and emerging companies.

Strategy Statement

  • • To be regarded as one of the most trusted & respected lending company in the Philippines, placing client’s interest, financial objectives and convenience at the forefront.

  • • To provide a unique credit platform in the Philippines, where seamless end-to-end convenience is given to its Clients.

  • • To give independent advice on sound and strong credit fundamental views.