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Diosdado Chua Salang, Jr.

President & CEO

"Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow"

Over the past years, we have discovered what it takes for our clients to reach their financial objectives. We think that it is very challenging for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to get access to a good and better credit facility in order to continue and expand their businesses. We believe that by providing SMEs an access to new credit facility, we can help their local populace, business owners, and the community as a whole.

We think that building strategic relationship based on stability and trust is the first step in ensuring the financial success of our clients. With this, we take great pride in hiring employees who are capable, intelligent, and able to perform at a high level in order to meet the needs of our partners. Likewise, we make investments in infrastructure, systems, and technology to provide high caliber service to our clientele.

Because of our valued clients' ongoing support, we are pleased to announce that the company has become more stable in terms of financial and operational capabilities over the years. As of reporting date, our Total Resources had reached 4.0Million US Dollars and Total Loan Portfolio of 3.75 Million US Dollars. It is meaningful to note that our Net Income and Retained Earnings increase by 450% over the previous year’s balances. Making our company more stable in terms of financial and operational growth.

In terms of business clientele, we are happy to announce that we have increased our client base by 500% over the previous year’s balance. We expand our business to Retail & Trading, Food & Beverage, Agriculture, Automotive, Information and Technology, Health & Wellness, Recreation, Leisure, Logistics, Finance, Manufacturing and Fabrication, Leasing, Constructions, Real Estate, Gas & Oil and Solar Industries.

With Discovery, we value our SME partners by assisting them in achieving their objectives and aspirations, and we believe that all their dreams are valid. Our greatest desire is to see our clients succeed. Together, we can build a better future for our employees, our businesses and the entire Nation. We look forward to working with you.

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Diosdado Chua Salang, Jr.
President & CEO

About Us

We are Discovery Credit Solutions Corp., and we are changing the Financial Lending Landscape as we offer a more holistic approach to financial credit decision-making through revolutionary technology and top of the line customer service.

  • SEC with Registration No. : CS2020-00839
  • Certificate of Authority No.: 3213

In 2019, a group of young professionals sought to start a lending company. They thought of building a financial lending grocery that will bring their banking experience to the grassroots. In 2019, they incorporated Discovery Credit Solutions Corp. Aside from their common passion for credit and finance, all partners share common values which include empowering clients and deserving employees and contributing to the growth of the Philippine economy. It provides seamless integration among various departments like units, satellite offices and related organizations.

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Corporate Strategy


✅ Our Mission is to invest in the global minded generation so that they are empowered in their financial future.

✅We do our best to provide wide variety of credit facilities that would help to provide strong and sustainable community.

✅ We offer quality service to small companies that are seeking financial requirements.

✅We provide fair and affordable credit facilities to company employees to relieve them from financial trouble.


✅Our Vision is to be the premier credit institution in the lending industry, offering multi-channel, multi-platform and easy access to micro-credit and financial facility to our captured market.

✅We aim to democratize the financial credit markets where access is borderless and easy.

✅We aim to be included in the Top 5 trusted and leading Lending Companies in the Philippines that would help start-up and emerging companies.

✅We envision to tap various marginal sectors in bridging their financial gaps towards growth and success.

Strategy Statement

✅To be regarded as one of the most trusted & respected lending company in the Philippines, placing client’s interest, financial objectives and convenience at the forefront.

✅To provide a unique credit platform in the Philippines, where seamless end-to-end convenience is given to its Clients.

✅To give independent advice on sound and strong credit fundamental views.


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Discovery offers Business Loan to companies to manage their cash flow requirements. This facility is useful in case there is a requirement to pay sudden expenses and funds their daily operations. This is a term loan facility with fixed regular payment and usually with collateral.

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  • We guarantee a 5 to 7 days loan approval upon completion of the pertinent documents.
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  • Upon approval, the loan is ready for release.
  • Receive the loan proceeds without hidden charges.


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Unit 2103, One Global Place, 26th St, Corner 5th Ave

Taguig City

Metro Manila Philippines 1630



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